Friday, 20 August 2021

New Gadget To Wind The Bobbins


I have found this really cute mini screwdriver which is just perfect for winding my bobbins for my weaving shuttles!

There are many bobbin winders on the market for the weaver; either hand winders, such as the one fixed to my Saori loom or electric powered which usually have to be fixed on a bench or shelf and are often an expensive but very useful additional piece of kit allowing speed and ease of winding the bobbins. 

However after borrowing an old cordless drill from Skipper's WrightTurned workshop to wind many bobbins with ease while still sitting at my loom bench, I started looking around for a lightweight tool to do the same. I found this one!
I can store it on my loom bench shelf along with my shuttles already to use.

Skipper made me a simple bobbin grip with some thick wire to hold the bobbin firm while winding

So easy to use!

With a plug to recharge.
The tool bits that came with it are not needed so have been added to WrightTurned workshop tool box.
At just £11 it is a brilliant new a gadget in my Loom Room.


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