Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Summer bags; Knit and Weave

I have been busy on my loom this month weaving some little drawstring bags for the summer.I have made them in three sizes. The largest of which has a lining.
The plan was to produce something to use as a kit bag for a day's sailing.
From working on this I developed lots of other ideas and uses for a drawstring function on the bags and experimented with a finer weave.
I love the way weaving allows me to blend colours, gives texture and provides me with a lovely handwoven fabric that is functional.
I also enjoyed making some little knitted bags; knitted in cotton yarns of bright summer colours these are based on two of my designs "striped" and "abstract flower motif."
Each bag has a plaited shoulder strap and button to fasten.
Do take a look at my Folksy shop for original knit and weave items for sale. I will be adding some drawstring bags and cotton knits soon. Do get in touch if you want any of my designs made to order.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Jacob Fleece Part Two

Drum Carder

I have separated the fleece into the dark and light colours.
I am working this fleece "in the grease" which means I am not washing it at this stage as it is in good condition and I want to spin it with all the natural oils left in.
The next step is to "card" the fleece into Rolags, these are airy tubes of wool in which the fibre direction is more or less around the circumference of the tube.
I used a drum carder for this job (as I am preparing a whole fleece, this makes the whole task much easier and quicker than a hand carder). Nevertheless it still is a time consuming job, approximately 7-8 hours carding for this particular fleece.
The rolags are now ready to spin into yarn.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lambing Time

The first lamb of the Jacob flock from the farm where I source my fleeces, just had to share this photo with you all. Spring is here at last!
The rest of the "mums to be" in the field close by.
Jacobs have a lovely patched fleece of black,brown,cream,white and so are great to design, spin and knit using these natural colours.