Friday, 28 May 2010

My Award Winning Hand Weaving

I'm pleased and thrilled to share with you the exciting news, that I have won

"The Marleen Upson Memorial Cup" For Weaving 2010

presented by
The Isle of Wight Spinners, Weavers & Dyers Guild.

My cushion design is in pink and turquoise. Hand Woven in a beautiful blended colour story of 5 different yarns including mohair and wool. It is luxuriously soft and the colours add richness and warmth to any setting. It has press stud fasteners and a fold-over fringe front, thus simple in design to show the woven work to the full. It is available to buy in my Folksy shop.
I shall be weaving this design in other colourways, so do check my online shops Folksy and Zibbet.
Of course if you would like purchase an award winning hand woven piece of work, do get in touch for more details.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Sleepover and a Solent Sail

What a gloriously sunny weekend!
A perfect weekend to get out on the water.

So Friday afternoon Skipper and I rowed out to our little yacht. With victuals (including the essential bottle of wine) we made ourselves at home for a sleepover on board.
Skipper had a little sail in our dinghy while I enjoyed the river and a spot of knitting, watching him whizz around the moorings on a light southerly F2-3.
At supper time we went ashore to have a meal at the Folly Inn- Excellent food as usual.

As the sun started to set we headed back on the water and rowed up and down the river taking photos of the sunset. A beautiful evening, the river became still; turning turquoise with the sun reflecting it's warm hues and filling the sky with colour. The fish were jumping, I tried to catch this on camera but they were too quick for me.

Back aboard, finished off the red wine and tucked up for the night.

Saturday morning dawned hazy with clear skies a light breeze developing from the East. We had a bacon omelette for our breakfast washed down with fresh orange juice.

I made a flask of coffee up and a packed lunch for the day (it just makes it easier to grab food and drink when sailing). We made ready and went out with the falling tide at 08.50

Motoring pass the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes. Early morning and early season with no wind in the Solent, a calm picture, come the summer months it will be packed with all sorts of craft out here!

There wasn't enough wind to fill the sails so we left the mainsail up and the motor turning over just enough to give us steerage and drifted down with the tide heading West.

We arrived at the entrance to Newtown Creek and dropped anchor to have a leisurely lunch in the hot sunshine.

The wind arrived F2-3 a steady north easterly for the afternoon, so we had a wonderful easy sail making 3-4 knots of speed, happily tacking across the Solent with the tide taking us home.

Our little yacht is a joy to handle in these conditions and bobs along nicely, a happy boat with a happy heart.

We often tow a line for fishing while sailing and this trip we were blessed with the "first treasure from the sea "a mackerel for our supper!

We returned to our swing mooring late afternoon and made for shore. A hot bath and barbecue in the garden for supper, the mackerel was delicious so fresh.
Sunday afternoon we returned to the river this time to sail our Mirror dinghy around the buoys to practise for racing, tying up alongside our yacht for a drink/snack and sunbathe.
A lovely weekend of sunshine and sailing!

Monday, 17 May 2010

River Fest

I always enjoy a little voyage, it's great to get in a boat and sail somewhere, moor up and explore.

On Saturday we sailed our mirror dinghy up to Newport Quay to
The River Fest

We followed the little Brigs up the river on a light north westerly breeze. We moored up at the pontoon, stepped ashore and had

a lovely time, pottering around, viewing the stalls and couldn't resist buying some homemade fudge!

We ate our picnic before returning on the falling tide. The wind had kindly swung round to a southerly so we were able to make easy passage down river with the wind and tide.

If you want to find out more about the Little Brig Sailing Trust

Mirror dinghy Racing has started and I will let you know how we get on in the Season. I intent to do some helming this year, (as I usually only crew when racing) so there may well be some interesting manoeuvres around the buoys! My skipper is expecting great things, but under race conditions my nerve added to my competitive streak may well get in a tangle or two!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Jacob Fleece Part Three

Spinning A Yarn.

Spinning the Jacob fleece on my Ashford Tradition Spinning Wheel
On the bobbin I attach a long thread of spare yarn which is called a "Leader" (when I start to spin, this will pull and wind my new yarn on the bobbin).

I turn the wheel in a clockwise direction, keeping a steady rhythm on the Treadle (foot pedal ). Taking a small amount of prepared "rolag" (see earlier post on these) I spin by carefully drawing the staples with my right hand and pinching the yarn with my left thumb and index finger. Allowing the yarn to wind onto the bobbin in a easy flowing manner.

If you look closely hopefully you can see the triangle of fleece being drawn gently with my right hand and the spun yarn feeding from my left thumb and finger onto the bobbin.

To load the bobbin evenly, I move the yarn along the hooks on the Flyer.

When I have filled two bobbins with yarn it is ready to Ply.