Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Just a Treat

I made myself a new phone cosy. Using up some of my stash (freedom spirit 100% wool twilleys). I have used a vintage button from my Grandmother's button box.
It's just a treat!

I have handknitted it in stocking stitch with a garter stitch top opening and a little tab with buttonhole.
It was such fun to do, so I will probably be making some more little cosies in this design for sale at my craft fairs. I think it would make an ideal "knit kit" for the beginner knitter to purchase, so I will be developing this and let you know when it is available.

I always feel that the quality of the materials are crucial to a good designed piece of handknitting or weaving. Yes, it can be expensive but what you achieve is a finished item that is beautiful to look at, wonderful to the touch and will last and last.

And of course when making small items "a little goes a long way"
I knitted this with wool leftover from another project so this little cosy only cost me; a little time spent sitting in the afternoon sunshine enjoying my craft and making myself a little treat...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Launch Time!

Launch time at last!


This weekend our sailing season has begun. Our little Sunstar 18 yacht was lifted back onto the water and now waits happily on her swing mooring for sunny sailing days of kind warm breezes and adventures.

It was a busy (and thankfully sunny morning) with lots of activity and plenty of boat folk down at the Quay; as all the boats that have shared the "winter lay up"at the Quay get lifted in with the cranes on the same day. I always find it quite a stressful time when it's our turn and the crane lifts her up and she dangles in the air before being gently lowered into the water!
All went well and as my husband (skipper) and son (crew for the day) motored her back down the river I was able to take a few photos as they passed by.
We all met up in the pub for a well deserved late lunch.


Dawned another sunny warm spring day, so we packed up a picnic lunch and rowed out in our little dinghy for an afternoon on the water.

There was a gentle NE/E breeze so we "made ready" hoisted the sails and had a lovely relaxing sail down and up river before the wind completely faded, which was about 3pm just the right time to motor back on our mooring for a nice cup of tea!

"Casting on and Casting Off "-
It's what life's all about for me.
More sailing and even knit projects from onboard soon!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Busy with Boats!

A Busy Bank Holiday Weekend.
On Friday we had a wander around Cowes and bought ourselves some sailing bargains, it was wet and windy so we had a nice coffee in Tiffins to dry out, and then walked down to the parade to view the Solent and watch the sailing yachts mad enough to be out there in the mist, murk and cold!
The weekend weather was much kinder so it was spent scrubbing and polishing as we are getting our boat ready for sailing.
Our dinghies have been taken to the dinghy park and just need to be rigged up. We hope to get out for our first sail of the season very soon.
On Monday,after all our hard work over the weekend, we decided to drive over to Freshwater Bay to take in the the sea air and views. Then onto Yarmouth; we took a walk along the River Yar and enjoyed a lovely meal at the pub. Yarmouth harbour is one of my favourite places to watch the world go by and I can't wait to get out on the water once more.