Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Weaver's Shed - Gigg Mill

 On one of our winter trips across to the mainland we visited The Weaver's Shed at Gigg Mill in Stroud

 I'm fascinated about the history of weaving so it was great to see one of the old power looms as well as old hand looms, along with many items of equipment needed to weave such as shuttles, winders and bobbins.
 I'm really interested in hand looms and this lovely old floor loom was in use and to me simply beautiful! Time, age and wear lived in its wood and heddles but it still weaves a cloth of gentle blue.
One day perhaps I'll have the space to take one on...

 All weaving needs a warp and a weft, threads are woven over and under each other to make a fabric, so once you understand the method it becomes natural to you. Then you can look at a loom and begin to work out how to use it, discovering how each style and make of loom wants to be worked to weave its cloth. 
 There was a talk, demonstrations and a chance to have a go on a 8 shaft table loom.

Okay so we didn't complete all this patterning in one short visit, but its rather nice isn't it?

I'm looking forward to visiting the other mills next time and seeing the Dyers garden in bloom.