Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Weaving Baby Blankets - Follow the Process Part 3

 Here is the final part of my "follow the process" to show you a little of how my hand woven blankets are created. The above photo shows me winding a bobbin ready to go in the boat shuttle, this is what I use to weave the weft - the thread that travels across the warp to form the fabric.
 As I weave there is a rhythm to my work.
I press the right treadle/ pedal to open the shed - the path for the shuttle, pass the shuttle through and gentle beat the weft in place. I press the left treadle/pedal, pass the shuttle back through the shed and gently beat. The above photo shows the cloth roller which is turned as I weave to store the new cloth.

I work the colours in as blocks and stripes, enjoying the different effects and blends it creates.
When each blanket is woven the cloth is then ready to be removed from the loom and the exciting reveal is at last on view! 

I then twist the ends into colourful tassels and wash the blanket to set the fabric, this "fulling" completes the process and gives a wonderful soft finish.

Two sweet baby blankets, unique and special just like their new owners.