Sunday, 14 June 2015

Carding with Colour

My garden is a source of inspiration as it takes on it's summer colours. I love to work outside when I can and today I wanted to work with some colour!
So with my drum carder I  blend some hand dyed wool fibres into some interesting colour combinations for spinning some yarn. 

Here I build up the layers of fibre on the drum, thinking about the effect I want to achieve. Experimenting with making long stripes in a batt and being careful not to muddy the colours but rather maintaining the clarity of each and let the colours sing together. 

Batts fresh off the drum, ready to be layered and pulled into rovings ready to spin.

I really love the colour blending in this one. I hope it spins up well too.

By the time Skipper appeared from his Wright Turned workshop with a cup of tea and delicious slice of carrot cake for us both I had made a sweet, soft bundle of blended woolly colour.