Monday, 6 January 2014

Stormy Seas

Happy New Year to you all, wishing you the very best for 2014!
As with a lot of places at the moment the Isle of Wight is being battered by storms, high winds and an awful lot of rain, which just keep rolling in one after the other. We won't let it dampen our spirits though. We spent a lovely Christmas time with family and in between the rain clouds we got ourselves out and about down to various beaches for plenty of fresh sea air. These photos were shot on Sandown beach on an extremely windy day, as the tide went out it left these sandbanks on the shore.

Walking under the pier sheltered from the wind for a short while, closing your eyes you can smell the sea, the wood of the pier and very wet sand, you can feel, taste and sense nature's control on all things. 
As a sailor I have huge respect for the sea, I love it so much, but am always afraid as you never quite know what she will  do when it pleases her. 

I love to see the rolling breakers on a shore, full of power and energy. It is a relief and good to know that our three little boats are all ashore for winter storage. The dinghies are in the garden and so far have been ok (more than I can say for the green house which lost it's roof one stormy night). We checked on our little yacht at Newport Quay and although the high tide and flood water of the River Medina had washed up to her, she was still firm on her blocks and as not expecting to touch the river's waters until lift in day in Spring seemed happy enough!  

A winter's walk on the beach is always good for the body and soul. Blowing the cobwebs away and making plans for the new year ahead. Lots to do and lots to look forward to-
Casting On and Casting Off - Our adventures continue...
*thanks to our son for these great photos I found on my camera.*