Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Busy Weaving On My Saori Loom

I'm so enjoying my weaving! My new Saori loom is a dream to use. Having it set up in my workroom means I can do a spot of weaving whenever I chose, unlike my table loom which needs more "setting up" time. 

The warp on a Saori is on a warp roller and can be bought ready-made in various widths. I'm experimenting with a black cotton warp with 150 threads at present. 

The loom is supplied with one boat shuttle and 15 bobbins. I have also been using some stick shuttles to weave in thicker yarns to create different textures.

I have been having fun just adding colours and trying out different ways of weaving the weft. Losing myself in the creative process and not having a plan in mind has been refreshing and relaxing. As all my stash is at hand -stored on the shelves above me around the room, I just looked up, saw a colour or yarn type that would "go well" next and kept  weaving.

When I decided the piece was long enough I cut it from the loom and as the weather was lovely and sunny I finished the fabric by fulling/washing it outside in the sunshine.

Hanging the new cloth on the washing line to dry in the light breeze.

The colours look amazing and I am really pleased with the effects created by using just what I had in my stash!