Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Blue Water Sailing

Just got back from a fantastic Flotilla sailing holiday in the Med.

This is our second visit to Greece, this time sailing on a 27 ft Jaguar,sailing the whole Ionian, starting in the North at Plataria (mainland Greece) and sailing South finishing in Sivota on Lefkas (Island). Our route included Paxos, the Gulf of Amvrakia, then through Lefkas Canal to enjoy Meganisi Island sailing waters.
Photo of Emerald Bay, and yes it really is this colour!
We had a few adventures along the way and were lucky enough to sight dolphins, pelicans and a huge sting ray.
Two weeks of gloriously hot sunshine sailing, some good breezes and excellent Taverna dining. Plus a sprained ankle, cuts and bruises and lack of sleep!
But the satisfaction of completing a voyage rather than just a cruise is immense, the camaraderie that these little old Jag yachts naturally instill brings all the group together. The flotilla consists of 12 Jags and a Lead boat with a Skipper, Engineer and Hostie.
Geared for couples to sail they have basic comforts and characters of their own; our boat Kea decided to have a temperamental bow anchor, others had radio trouble, engine trouble, tangled Genoa, leaky water tanks but despite all these little moments the sailing was good, we all got to the right place at the right time to enjoy a mythos or two together and some salty tales at the end of the day.