Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Waiting For The Tide, Weather and Time

Here are our two little dinghies patiently waiting for the tide, weather and time down by the river. They wait in their scruffy covers and doze in the spring sunshine. As soon as Skipper and I get some free time together we will be rigging up their sails, pushing them off  their trolleys and sploshing them into the river Medina.
The Mirror dinghy (on the right of the photo) is good for two people to sail- helm and crew. She can also be rowed, used with an outboard and great for picnics and exploring the river. 
Peewit our little self build PBO dinghy is good for single handed sailing or takes two of us rowing/fishing and pottering. Both boats have  a very small draught when the centreboard is raised so are ideal for beaching and exploring shallow parts of the river. 


I don't often take photos from the shore looking out to the river as I'm usually on a boat! But last week it was such a beautiful spring day,  I needed to go to Newport so instead of jumping in the car I decided to walk there instead, a distance of 3 miles following the river valley. The tide was low, there was no breeze and the river looked lovely with the fresh greens and blues of spring. (photo is a view across to the Rowing Club house looking downstream).

This wood sculpture is the new entrance for the cycle and riverside footpath. 
Looking forward to the summer days on the water and hope you enjoy reading about them here.