Saturday, 30 November 2013

Autumn Colours At Quarr

I had a wonderful week at my yearly event "Christmas Crafts At Quarr Abbey". The sun shone with beautiful blue skies and the grounds of the Abbey took on an amber autumn glow. These are the November days I love.

This fine old oak tree looked glorious. The colours of the leaves all different from greens to golds, all rustling in the light breeze. A day to wrap up warm and enjoy nature's kind gifts of a gentle easy afternoon stroll.

That is just what a lot of our visitors did and it was lovely to see them. I sold lots of woolly goodies such as my hand woven scarves, hand knitted hand warmers, hats and socks as well as Christmas themed stock.  

I took along my spinning wheel and spun up some yarn while I was there being inspired by the autumn colours I chose this blend of Blue Faced Leicester and Silk.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sewing In The Labels

It's a very busy time in my work room as I am preparing for my big Christmas event.
Today I am sewing in my design label on all my pieces of knitting and weaving ready for the show. 
I really enjoy this part of the process as I always sew in my little labels using my vintage hand powered machine rather than my electric sewing machine. It  is so lovely to work with, the wheel turns like a dream and the steady gentle task of placing and sewing my label in place to complete the item puts a smile on my face. 

Using beautiful simple tools to create functional items in beautiful yarns. 

A sense of pride and achievement is sealed in my heart when I add my signature to my own designed, knitted and woven work. 

The sewing machine cover is just as lovely, made of wood and decorated, with a sweet little key to lock.

See me at Christmas Crafts At Quarr Abbey

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