Tuesday, 23 September 2014


I told you in my last post about my system of project baskets.  It  is certainly working well as I seem to have a good mix of different woolly items. On my loom I have woven some small pieces of fabric of different colours, textures and thickness - these are destined to cut to shape and be sewn up to make bags, pouches, cases and accessory covers. There are some new design hand woven scarves too. 

My problem is I have a rather overflowing basket of UFO's (unfinished objects). This always happens as I tend to enjoy the knitting and weaving part of a make and when I'm in the "creative zone" so to speak I will produce the body of the item such as the knitted bag or woven scarf and after casting off or removing from the loom I put it in the finishing basket to await sewing up/ tidying ends/ twisting fringes/adding buttons/labels/ washing/pressing etc. I then get straight on and tuck into the next knitting or weaving idea in mind. 

So here we are a untidy basket piled high with soft. colourful, exciting new work!

I think I need to spend a day on clearing this lot before it gets out of hand! My excuse is that I sometimes don't have the final look for an item in mind. I don't like to rush the finishing touches. I enjoy choosing buttons and hand stitching details with beads or Swiss darning embroidery. I like to do the simple twisting or plaiting of the fringes on my scarves, I need and want to think of each piece of work carefully at this point and strive to make every item individual and special to the buyer.
Right let's get stuck in!