Thursday, 25 August 2016

Weaving Baby Blankets - Follow The Process Part 2

 Summer has taken over here, it has been a busy one with plenty of sunshine for sailing and woolly adventures. But first I must get back to a project I have been "Showing the Process" of (back in May) so here is Part 2 of my Baby Blankets woven on my Saori loom.

Once I have threaded the reed it is time to thread the heddles

This task is very satisfying as I start to see the warp colours take shape and spread out across the loom.

Beaming the Warp

The ends are tied to a tying rod which is attached to the roller

  I need to wind the warp through the loom, towards the back, over the back beam and check the tension ready to weave.
The roller holds the warp neatly and every few turns I insert some card to make sure the warp doesn't develop any tangles.

At the front of the loom the warp is then ready to be attached to another tying rod and clipped to the front cloth roller, again I need to adjust the tension and of course check that all the heddles and reed threads are correctly set.

Now I am ready to weave.
I chose to weave different colourways on the weft, which makes each blanket unique.

Part 3 will show you the weaving and finishing process for the completed blankets.
I will be back very soon!