Thursday, 23 April 2015

Do Visit- Wayside Herbs

Beach at Shepherd's Chine- south coast of the Isle of Wight
Just  a short walk from the beach, Up Chine Lane is a new place to visit.
Wayside Herbs
Do pop over to the website to find out more.
Newly opened it offers a wonderful traditional herb garden which is just beginning to burst into life. Full of plants and herbs. Also a border with plants grown for the making of natural dyes for wool and textile use, which I'm really looking forward to watching it grow and learning more about.
There are plenty of herbs and plants for sale , organically home grown. The perfect way to stock my own garden, particularly as there is range of different herbs not readily available elsewhere.

There is a Woolshed which houses a good display. Several spinning wheels, looms, and spinning and weaving equipment are shown in use with various textiles for you to admire.
Make your own pot- pourri with the natural ingredients  from the garden, walk the children's quiz and learn more about the history of textiles. 

There is a delightful little shop which sell all things handmade by local crafts people.
Here you can purchase some of my own  hand knitted and hand woven pieces- Sue Wright Handknits

So when you are next on the Island or live here and are wanting a new place to explore, Wayside Herbs is a rural small business with rustic charm and a very warm welcome.