Monday, 25 October 2010

End of Season, Solent Sailing

When it gets into October every day on our boats is a bonus.
It's "woolly hat" sailing at it's best!
Having a quiet Solent to yourselves, sun shimmering on the water, a gentle breeze to fill the sails and a cup of coffee in your hand, what a perfect way to spend an October afternoon!
This month we have been fortunate to have some good weather for a couple of trips out in the Solent.

A photo of our little navigation table in use as we sail along.
We keep a log of our position and check the tides. When taking a trip in the Solent we always plan to use the tides to best effect with our little yacht. Sailing back to the Medina river with the incoming tide makes for a safer and easier passage home.
A photo of Gurnard buoy -a North Cardinal just off Egypt point.
When it has been too windy or the tides have not been favourable, we have gone out to the boat anyway for a spot of fishing, reading or knitting on board and river watching...
At this time of the year the visitors pontoons are empty making the river feel bigger and the colours of Autumn shine out on a sunny day.
How quickly this sailing season seems to have gone, our yacht gets "lifted out" to overwinter ashore next month, so any winter sailing will have to be in our dinghies! brrrrrrr

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Handspun and Handknitted Hat

This week has been National Wool Week here in the UK.
I decided to get knitting with my lovely skeins of Jacob wool which I prepared and spun on my wheel earlier in the year (see older postings).

Rare Breed, British wool, Locally sourced on the Island; prepared and worked in the traditional ways all by hand.

I designed a Winter Warm Hat using the two colourways of the natural fleece.

It is such a joy to produce an item from the raw fleece to a functional garment to wear, knowing and experiencing each stage of the process gives you an appreciation and pleasure that is very special.

To find out more about British wool go to;