Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Creating Some Yarn

It's really good fun to do some experimental spinning.
I mentioned back in December that I wanted to have a go at creating something special for my home such as a wall hanging of some sort using my spinning, knitting and weaving skills.
I am collecting ideas and inspiration from my winter walks out and about on the Island so my design is still very fluid and evolving.
I thought to make a start on this project I would spin up some small batches of yarn in natural tones and soft textures to give me some base materials.

So using some Jacob fleece I hand spun a mixed bobbin of the light and dark previously carded rolags.
Plying this yarn to make a lovely mottled effect of colour.
Then I made another two bobbins up, this time using my handspun jacob along with some mohair and wool blended yarn. One in the dark Jacob

And the other in the creamier lighter tones.
My small skeins are in the photo at the top of the page.
I'm really pleased with the texture and particularly the muted natural tones of colour they offer me. I have a special basket set aside to collect all my materials in ready for me to get creative and Cast On
I look forward to dipping into and working on this piece of "woolly art".
As March approaches things down at the boats will start to get busy; Making Ready to Cast Off for the season ahead.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Magazine Feature

My cosy Hand Warmers are featured in the Isle of Wight's Style magazine Jan/Feb Issue 14.
you can find them in an article for Winter Warmers page 70

All my hand warmers are hand knitted and each pair are individually designed using different colours and decoration detail The garter stitch pattern gives a slight stretch allowing for a snug and cosy fit.
Handknitted Handwarmers are perfect for wearing in the garden keeping your hands snug while sowing, potting on and planting out.
Also great for walking, camping or even working on your computer, as they keep your hands warm while still being able to use your fingers easily.

With this cold snap upon us I'm certainly enjoying wearing mine!
I shall have some more pairs available to purchase in my online shop very soon. Meanwhile you can purchase them from "Made on the Isle of Wight" shop or email me via my online shop at Folksy to place an order- please click on the links on the right of this blog page.