Saturday, 12 May 2018

A Visit to Cold Harbour Mill

Empty Wooden Spools

 When we pop over to the Mainland, we like to find places to visit that inspire our own creativity.
So while we were spending a few days in Somerset and Devon we visited another Working Mill-
Cold Harbour Mill.

You can find out more about this super little mill on their website, link above.


 It was really interesting to see the old carding rooms and some beautiful pieces of kit for the preparation of the wool for spinning and weaving.

Wool Tops

 However the Mill no longer processes fleeces, but rather buys dyed wool in as Tops and then uses a variety of different machines to blend and spin their own yarn to sell and to weave with.


 Spinners and Weavers offer a nice demonstration and talk to show the visitor how the wool is taken through each stage from spinning, skeins, cones, warping and weaving.



In the Weaving Mill there are three floors to discover and plenty to see including ancient looms and wheels.
On site there is the water wheel, gardens, walks, café and shop and the steam furnaces that used to power the machines, On some special dates each year they hold "Steam Up Days" when these furnaces are powered up.

A few Stash Treats from the shop at the end of our visit, I will really enjoy weaving something special on my own loom with these yarn!