Friday, 18 March 2016


Wow what an amazing start to our year. It really is all new. I have been very busy knitting and weaving, this time it has been with added excitement because I'm now a Granny! It has been a double thrill for us as first a granddaughter arrived in January then a grandson in February, so as you can guess I'm grinning from ear to ear.
I have been popping over to the mainland to visit.
Above photo is of a simple new born cardigan/ bolero jacket in garter stitch, hand knitted in one piece. I have used a little anchor button to fasten as a finishing touch  and soft pastel colours with a nautical hue.
No doubt Skipper will be teaching them the ropes before they can talk and walk... new crew always welcome


I have also had a lot of fun on my Saori loom, this time using it to weave two baby blankets.
I wanted to make them bright and cheerful rather than the traditional whites and creams of the knitted and crocheted type. These blankets are intended to be used for the pram, crib, cot or as a play mat, just something soft, fun and easy to wash and use and use and use.
As these are for our grandchildren I decided to make them both together on the loom using identical warp, to connect the little cousins as belonging to and being part of  one big Wright family. Then each blanket has been woven differently using the colours and patterns on the weft to make individual unique blankets to recognise each baby is totally unique and special, so as to make it personal to them.
I will be blogging about the process of this project soon, so as you can see how this was done. 

All New I have been working on plenty of new stock and as you may have noticed my online shops are closed just at the minute that is because I want to launch an all new look to each shop with my new work for sale. 
There will be hand knits, hand woven and hand spun items as well as hand spun yarn, along with Skipper's hand turned wood items. I will need to put the knitting needles down, step away from the loom and wheel for a short time  and get on the computer/ photographing and listing stock.
It is the perfect time for a new and refreshing breeze to blow through, giving me the energy to reach for new colours, new ways of  looking at what I'm doing and what I want to achieve. Planting my own garden for natural yarn dyeing, veg seeds for healthy eating. Shaking out the sails stored all winter hoping that we can get on the river in our dinghies for an Easter sail. I love this time of year