Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My New Warping Frame

 Skipper has been busy and has custom made for me a lovely warping frame!  Made in Ash wood and finished with a light beeswax polish. He has constructed the frame with detachable legs for easy use and simple storage  (I can hang it on my workroom wall when not in use). With five loops to thread the warp up for multi yarn threading and plenty of pegs to allow a long warp to be wound for my Saori loom. 


 Here it is in use. I lean the frame against the wall and select the yarns to make a warp.

 I wind a warp of blues, grey and cream.

This is the threading cross.
I'm so pleased with my new piece of equipment, it cost a lot less than a manufactured model but much more importantly it has been handmade for me, to my own particular specifications and requirements, love and skill has been put into it. It is unique and special just like the weaving it will help me to produce.