Wednesday, 29 October 2014

New Equipment - Part One- Umbrella Skein Winder

I have been using the new tools and equipment I purchased on my visit to Yarndale. I have been able to clip and grip three different pieces of kit on to the seat of a tall wooden kitchen stool, so each tool can be selected and used without having to set it up each time- brilliant!

 First to show you is this lovely wooden skein winder. It makes winding my hand spun yarn into balls quick and simple. An umbrella design function means it will open to the desired size and fold away when not in use.

My yarn looks beautiful wound into neat balls all ready to use.

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Last weekend we took a trip to the mainland and travelled up country to Yorkshire to visit the Yarndale festival of creativity. It was long way to journey from the Isle of Wight but with gorgeous sunny weather and mild autumn feel in the air meant we made a  little holiday of it, as we browsed little places on route and went on to visit family afterwards. 
Arriving early in the town of Skipton allowed us time to explore this pretty little place on market day. After a breakfast in one of the cafes we drove out to the Auction Mart where Yarndale was being held. I was amazed by the event's size and the amount of visitors attending. Most of all I was in total heaven at all the lovely woolliness!!
I highly recommend Yarndale as a really good day out and I met some wonderful business owners/crafters and fellow enthusiasts of all things wool related.

Yes, I did come home with a whole stash of goodies! Some new equipment- skein winder, stick shuttle and fringe twister, something I will blog about when I have a play with them. Wool for weaving, wool for knitting, wool for carding, wool for spinning.
I also treated myself to some lovely handmade items. Knowing the work, care and skill that each crafter has put into them gives me a sense of understanding and enjoyment for such simple pleasures. I have a pair of hand warmers in angora rabbit spun yarn, a hand knitted scarf in hand dyed yarns and a beautiful scarf pin made of beech wood.