Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mini Wheel and Mini Loom

I was delighted to find this miniature spinning wheel in a charity shop, it is so sweet. All the little parts move, although you can't actually spin with it, the attention to detail is amazing.

 I have shown it here with a 50 pence coin on the seat so as you can see the scale of the model. I think it is lovely.
 I also purchased recently this mini weaving loom, again because it looks so sweet but this is really a child's toy and the lovely thing is- it does actually work as a loom!
 It is made of wood and came all warped ready to use, it has little shuttles with some wool of blue, yellow and red to weave with. However I have decided to use some of my weaving wool stash to make something with, maybe I shall just do some samples and a little wall hanging to start with.

I shall get creating and show you soon