Friday, 19 February 2016

3 Bobbins Full

3 Bobbins Full!
Just messing about with colour and texture. Spinning my very own yarn. It's a great way to free my mind, absorbed in the task of gentle pedalling the treadle, spinning the wheel, controlling the fibres through my fingers, watching the colours blend together. I have on the bobbins 3 very different 2 ply yarns which are now to be wound off into a skein and be washed ready for use.
1 Bobbin  is White Faced Woodland Fleece- this is the natural colour and I intend to keep it for some natural dyeing of colour I wish to do later on this year.
2 Bobbin  is a happy mix of various carded blends I had in the basket! odds and ends and leftovers, nothing goes to waste in my studio as this unique spin up will be used to weave colour, texture and slubby pieces of joy and interest in my Saori Weavings.  
3 Bobbin  is a combination of  merino, silk and mixed wools. I love the depth and range of blue/green colours it has given me with flecks of white. It reminds me of the Mediterranean sea and  sunny sailing days. This yarn will be for my knitting needles, I'm not sure what I will knit with it yet as there is only a small amount but I know I will enjoy knitting it up. 

Here is a close up of the yarns, I will show you again when they are finished by washing and setting, then you will be able to see the difference and softness this process will give.

Walking around my village it is so lovely to see so many colours of Spring,