Thursday, 29 January 2015

Seaweed, Wood and Stone

At the weekend Skipper and I had a walk on the beach. We have lots of lovely beaches around the island, this one is on the SE side at Shanklin. which has groynes built all along the beach.
Nature has put them to good use. The wood is worn smooth with the tides and many different seaweeds and sea creatures have made their home on them . The sea's power and waves  has forced stones into the gaps in the wood, lodged there they look rather beautiful with the winter sunshine flickering through the little windows between the gaps.


I noted so many different colours and textures in this man made structure that had been reclaimed by nature.

So with the structure of a black cotton warp on my loom I start to follow my own natural creation inspired by my morning's walk. I will let you know how this WIP (work in progress) turns out soon.