Monday, 6 September 2010

Back on Course, Part One; Cast Off

Motoring up river
September is here and finally we have been able to enjoy some sailing.
The dinghy racing took place last Wednesday for the first time in a fortnight and although we didn't do very well! it was a great evening on the river.
Saturday weather conditions; misty/murky/ cool with a Force 4 South Easterly breeze. so we decided to potter about the River Medina on our little yacht.
So we motored up river and were able to sail down river under jib only; making 3 knots of speed easily, rising to 4 knots here and there.

Sailing under jib down river

The sun peeped out now and again, nice easy sailing with a cup of coffee and a few "ship's biscuits" to hand as we go.

View of Whippingham church
The river Medina is a lovely place to sail. As it is tidal, it is forever providing different views and moods. As you approach Cowes it becomes more of a working river with the Gas and gravel works. Then further down towards the mouth there are the Marinas and boatyards.

Gas Works.

A ship is loading

Old Saltings
Back up river where we have our swing mooring, the Medina is much more rural. At Low water the wooden ruins from the old Saltings are exposed. This is the time the wading birds flock in to feed.
Sometimes the river dances in the sun, other times it is sleepy and calm letting the fish make rings and circles in it's waters.
It can be choppy, lumpy, full and thick; making it hard going for little dinghies wanting to race.
At other times it is clear and bright; ideal for messing about in boats.
Whether the tide is on the rise or fall, the Medina offers us many, many happy hours of enjoyment.

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