Saturday, 13 November 2010

Boats,Winter Lay up

It has come around far to quickly, but it is already time to get all our little boats tucked up for the winter months.

With the weather so awful; gale force winds and heavy rain, it is a relief to have them all safely stored.

We were very fortunate to have a beautiful calm, cold and sunny morning last Saturday to motor our yacht up to Newport Quay. Moored up for the night and "Lifted out" by crane on the Sunday morning. It's always unnerving to see her "flying in the air" and a huge relief when she is safely on her blocks!

Skipper is then tasked with scrubbing her down and I trip back and forth with the car emptying her of all equipment and furnishings to be stored for winter.

This weekend it is the turn of the dinghies to come home from the dinghy park.

It had rained so much that even with their covers on they were full of water! So with a break in the weather again today. Skipper made two trips; loading them on the road trailer (thankfully my son is home to help) and bought them home.

Next Saturday we attend the Annual Dinner of our sailing association (MMA) and the dinghy racing awards are presented. We will find out the final results, we know it's not us this year!

Other Craft; of the Knitting and Weaving Kind

If you are on the Island next week, do pop in and visit Quarr Abbey where a group of us have got together to present "Christmas Crafts at Quarr Abbey"

We are also featured in the Isle Of Wight County Press (Nov 12th).

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