Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Casting On and Casting Off for 2011!

Cast on

Back on the Island after visiting family and friends over the Christmas and New Year festivities. It's now time for me to "Cast on"
A New Year and plenty of projects to look forward to!
The next 3 months will be busy as I have commissions to work, stock to make and designs to write. I shall bring you more details about all these as I work on my knitting, spinning and weaving, I'll share with you the process, the fun and the enjoyment of my craft of working with wool.
Cast Off
With our little boats all tucked up for their winter sleep, we won't be sailing until the Spring,
but if the weather is favourable and Skipper does a little work on our Mirror dinghy over the next month or so, such as mend the rather big leak we seem to have! then we may well get her down to the river for a very early season's sail.
It's good fun as long as there is a hot flask of coffee and a square or two of chocolate stored in the forward locker for energy and to warm you up.
Pure and simple- it's "woolly hats and socks" sailing!

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