Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Jacob Fleece- Follow The Process Part Three

I am experimenting with my Jacob fleece and spinning a two tone yarn. In Parts one and two I showed you how I prepared a small sample ready to spin (please view previous posts).
Here you can see me spinning with the black rolags on my wheel and then on another bobbin I spin with the cream rolags.

The cream sample naturally wants to spin to a thicker texture and was harder to work than the more silken feel of the black.

This should make for an interesting yarn with some strength, but also with a lovely warmth and softness.

The two bobbins are loaded on my Lazy Kate ready to Ply.

I rotate the spinning wheel anti clockwise and feed the two threads onto the bobbin together. This plying allows the two parts to twist together in the opposite direction from which they were first spun. This releasing some of the twist and give a balanced and lofty yarn.

I now have a new yarn of two tone colour on a bobbin. It looks and feels as if it will be varying in texture as well as subtle shades. I look forward to completing the process to discover its potential.

Part four will show you skeining,washing and balling up the sample ready to use.

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  1. What a lovely process it is facinating observing a craft I know nothing about. It must feel really satisfying to do this.