Monday, 21 November 2011

Wooden Buttons and Festive Brooches

I've been making a new batch of my little hand knitted brooches. I decided to make these ones in novelty yarns and festive rich colours in pure wools. My miniature knitting needles are made with cocktail sticks and wooden beads and the little piece of knitting is in garter stitch.

The gorgeous wooden buttons are handmade by Skipper with the wood from our old cherry tree in our garden. The buttons work so well with my hand spun yarn to give a natural look, they also look great on my many coloured bags and waistcoats.

I glue a wooden bead on each cocktail stick needle. Each brooch is knitted on fine needles then transferred to the cocktail stick needles. I wind a small length of yarn around the needles to hold them together and make the miniature ball of yarn.

A little gold pin is attached to the back, so as it can be used as a brooch.

My brooches are always popular I shall be taking this batch to Christmas Crafts at Quarr Abbey.

They make a perfect little treat for a keen knitter and an excellent stocking filler gift for Christmas.

I shall have some of the wooden buttons and a selection of my dorset wheel buttons on sale too.

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