Monday, 28 January 2013

A Day To Spin

It's been a funny old January what with the weather so cold, we even had snow on the Island (which doesn't happen very often!). No good for doing any winter work on any of our boats. We have been giving the house a bit of TLC instead and doing a spot of painting and decorating indoors, so I haven't had a chance to do much spinning, knitting or weaving. On Saturday however it was the first meeting for IW SWD Guild so I oiled my neglected wheel and took along various rolags and tops to work on and had a super day spinning. First photo shows some mixed fibres which I plied with the blue merino -the happy result is the yarn you see at the end of this post!

A Basket of Jacob Rolags

A Bobbin of Merino Blue

The jacob rolags being spun on the wheel, I shall ply two of these bobbins together to make up the yarn.

Here is the yarn I managed to finish on the day. Merino blue with mixed fibres.
Sharing a day at the Guild and seeing and chatting about what everyone is working on certainly does me good and has fired up my creative juices!  After the decorating I shall be re organising my work room  this week and get stuck into some lovely new projects.

Our Guild has just set up a website if you want to find out more here's the link

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