Sunday, 11 August 2013

Knitting On Board and Working Outdoors

 Well it's good to be home and get started on lots of ideas and projects in wool. I sit on our little yacht moored up on the river Medina on the Isle of Wight waiting for the tide. It is wonderful to watch the wading birds, the river and the sky ever changing. The light throws different patterns and shadows and the breeze moves constantly always creating interesting and inspiring scenery.

I grab a ball of wool from my stash on board and it is just perfect to reflect the land and seascape before me. A ball of Rowan Felted Tweed; the flecks of blue and white blending with the soft muddy browns and greys. I Cast on...
I decide to knit the yarn into a hat (pattern from memory) and enjoy the easy knitting of the afternoon on board.

At home in the garden I am inspired by the colourful summer flowers and spend many hours working under the light shade of my gazebo.  I have my spinning wheel outside to make some yarn and I use my drum carder to prepare some more fleece to spin.
BUT I didn't realise just how hot it was getting in the garden and the following day when I came to take the drum carder out into the garden again to get some more fibres ready I noticed that the drive belt had broken!! It is rubber and must have got too hot in the sun, expanded and then shrunk and snapped overnight.
Took a week to get a replacement, now I'm more careful of the conditions outdoors!
Nevertheless I do enjoy being outside working with my wools.

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