Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sewing In The Labels

It's a very busy time in my work room as I am preparing for my big Christmas event.
Today I am sewing in my design label on all my pieces of knitting and weaving ready for the show. 
I really enjoy this part of the process as I always sew in my little labels using my vintage hand powered machine rather than my electric sewing machine. It  is so lovely to work with, the wheel turns like a dream and the steady gentle task of placing and sewing my label in place to complete the item puts a smile on my face. 

Using beautiful simple tools to create functional items in beautiful yarns. 

A sense of pride and achievement is sealed in my heart when I add my signature to my own designed, knitted and woven work. 

The sewing machine cover is just as lovely, made of wood and decorated, with a sweet little key to lock.

See me at Christmas Crafts At Quarr Abbey

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