Wednesday, 16 April 2014

My New Saori Loom

This April I have a new loom! It is a Saori WX60 it arrived from The SAORI  SHED in Norfolk  please click on the link to Kim's site for more info.
I'm so excited! I have been considering, wishing, planning to buy a new loom for the past year. So after plenty of research on various makes and models of looms available to make sure I chose the right one that would suit my needs, the SAORI kept calling and drawing me back as it is a  loom that appeals to my own creative style.

With a little help from Skipper we soon had it assembled and ready to weave. It came with clear simple instructions with pictures and each part was numbered with a little sticker. It was a joy to construct and see my gorgeous wooden loom come to life.  

Understanding her construction will aid in my weaving work with her as I will know each part and how she works best.
Rather like when you build your own boat an understanding and connection is formed, particularly when made of wood. Our little dinghy Peewit has a character of her own (built by Skipper).

These are the heddles, shiny and new.

This wheel is the bobbin winder, so simple and satisfying to use.

Here she is my new SAORI loom all set up and ready to go. I shall show you the warp up  and my first weaving next time. She's now is installed in my work room, happily sitting alongside my spinning wheel, drum carder, sewing machines, table loom , knitting needles etc. I am surrounded by all my stash on shelves around the room, it is so wonderful to work in there especially where the sun shines through the window of an afternoon. And you know what?  my little spinning chair is just the right height to sit my SAORI - perfect!

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