Friday, 9 May 2014

Wood Craft

 Last weekend we went to the May Day Fete in Gurnard. There were lots of rural crafts on show from lace making to wood craft. It great to meet and talk to different crafts people and see their work. There were half a dozen wood turners and makers all producing interesting and lovely items in wood. This chap is doing it the traditional way, foot power! but many others were demonstrating their craft and skill on electric lathes.

 I love these drop spindles, in fact I have a beautiful one made from yew and it is a delight to use, so I'm very happy to recommend

I spotted this sturdy little stool that had been made from reclaimed and windfall wood. Just perfect to sit and work at my drum carder blending fibres, my spinning wheel and even my loom. It is always special to buy something that has been lovingly made. I understand the connection a maker has with their work and find  pleasure in natural materials and feel it is important to support local artisans. 
My new little seat will be very useful both indoors and out I'm sure!


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