Thursday, 6 November 2014

New Equipment- Part Two- Fringe Twister

This is my little Fringe Twister made by Ashford. It makes light work of  twisting the warp ends on my hand woven scarves. I clip the wool ends I wish to twist in the device and turn the small level  away from me, counting how many turns as I go.

I'm finding between 12 and 20 gives me a nice twist for my yarns.

When I have the right tension and twist on each section I transfer two wound warp ends into the same clip and then turn the level in the opposite direction so as to wind the two wound strands together. Thus making a neat twisted fringe.

This makes for a secure tie off as well as a lovely soft and textural finish for the warp ends. Now my olive green and soft brown hand woven scarf is ready to be completed. I shall "full" it by washing to soften the wools together and create a wonderfully warm, snuggly, cosy textile perfect to wear close to the skin on a cold winter's day.  

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  1. That's a very nifty device and gives such a neat fringe - perfect :)