Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Cast On and Cast Off for 2015

 I'm ready to cast on and cast off for 2015. I'm looking forward to getting our dinghies ship shape and ready for sailing.

Little Peewit our self build PBO dinghy is in good shape as she tucks in snug next to the house, turned upside down against the weather. Her paintwork is fine, just a touch of varnish needed on her gunwale.

Our Mirror dinghy is in need of a bit more attention as her wood is getting pretty wet and old. Some filling work to do, a new painter bracket (as it fell off- luckily it happened while I was holding the boat! or she may have drifted down the river on her own)  and if we get the time a splash of paint and varnish.
Below are some boat shuttles not for the boats but for my weaving loom. I acquired them recently second hand, I wonder how many wonderful weaves they have made over the years... I love using boat shuttles as I find when using them, I can keep the flow and rhythm to my weaving more easily. Although of course when I need to use a thicker yarn for the weft, stick shuttles are my tool at hand. 

 I thought I would show you some of my stash!

 It is just a snap shot, cones, skeins, balls of coloured woolliness all waiting to be woven and knitted into something special. My " fishing net of yarn" hanging down from the shelves is looking a bit untidy and tangled. It is full of spare balls and colours left over from projects. When it gets this full I enjoy taking it down and seeing what treasures I've gathered! It becomes a very natural and inspiring way of collecting colours and textures for new projects, particularly for my weaving work. A new bag, scarf or table runner is created from my "catch".   

And so to work...

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