Thursday, 12 February 2015

Saori Cloth Pots

With my cloth inspired by the "Seaweed, Wood and Stone", please see previous post. I made two Saori cloth Pots.

I love the way the wools have woven patterns and textures. I used some of my hand spun yarn and various blends and mixed fibres from my stash.  With Saori weaving there is no firm fixed grand plan or calculations, I just have to free up my mind, enjoy the process, enjoy the colours, feel the textures and  listen to my own creative voice and let the cloth happen. 

To make the pots I decided to turn the cloth to a vertical view as I felt this gave another interesting dimension to cloth. 
The pots are a soft loose form with great functionality! 

 Saori  hand woven cloth pots are a great way to bring something a little bit special to your room. Used as a vase cover or plant pot holder or even a holder for your knitting needles, pens, pencils and crayons. Slips easily over jars/pots and bottles.
I will be making different sizes and designs to sell. The best thing is that each cloth pot will be unique and can stand alone offering a different and exciting way to enhance a room.

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