Thursday, 2 April 2015

Spinning at The Roman Villa

Thought I would tell you about something a little different. A lovely day out with the Isle of Wight WSD Guild of which I am a member
We held our meeting at the Roman Villa in Newport IW
Many brought their spinning wheels, hand work such as knitting/crochet/ to work on for the day. I decided to take my drop spindles along so as to spin some wool just as they did in Roman times.

As the Guild had a  private function booking we had the Roman Villa all to ourselves for the whole day, so it was fantastic to absorb the atmosphere and find out more of the history and life on the Island over the ages. 


To be able to stroll around the ruins and spend time reading and discovering more of everyday life in what must have been a rather nice dwelling and lifestyle was a real treat. I think this fireplace is gorgeous and with the mosaic floor it gives a wonderful homely feel to the room. 

Of course I'm always interested in anything wool craft related. There are looms set up for visitors to see how textiles were made.  In the "finds" cabinet there is a weavers comb for beating the threads. Okay perhaps it was rather worn out with use and age, I wonder what it wove?  The decoration just adds to this tool.

A sweet little whorl for a drop spindle (the small circular object with a hole in the middle which once housed it's stick).

 I couldn't resist taking this photo in the villa - my drop spindles  half filled with spun fleece.
 My drop spindles are made of wood and have been hand turned on a lathe.

I love these glass bottles. I read the little note saying " after a massage bathers who sit in the Tepidarium  to drink wine eat fruit and play games"
sounds like a good life to me!

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