Thursday, 1 October 2015

Mountains and Lakes of Austria


St Wolfgang Austria.
What a most beautiful place to take a little holiday! This view of the "Lion Mountain" taken from our room balcony. There was a sailing regatta taking place upon our arrival, so we felt quite at home watching the little yachts trying to chase the breeze on a very warm calm day.

Skipper and I hadn't even unpacked before we were down to the lake and rowing the dinghy provided by the hotel.

Bliss, such a wonderful place to be. Skipper gently rowing our little boat across the Lake, the Sun on our faces and scenery to marvel at.

I suppose we must have spent a busy week, as we went up the mountain on the train, walked around the lake, swam in the lake, travelled and explored all the towns and villages on each ferry stop. Each day was filled with plenty to see and do. But it didn't feel tiring, just rejuvenating.
One of my favourite days was the Sunday when we took a snack, our books and some water colour paints cast off the dinghy and went across the lake to little shingle beach.  We pulled our boat ashore and took a swim, painted, read, dozed, daydreamed and breathed in the clear mountain air. So relaxing, I'm no painter-but it's good fun trying and it really made me look more deeply at my surroundings and opened my mind to all the many colours. 
How do you capture the colours and hues, the light of the sun dancing reflections of silver and gold on the water?
Just magical.

So back creating something with wool instead of paint. I pick up my knitting needles and balls of yarn. Sit by the lake, what inspiration! 
We had a lovely stay at


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