Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Casting On For 2016

 I'm Casting On A new year and new adventures!
I want to show you some "tools of my trade" my wheel, my loom, my needles and wool.
SWH Spinning, Weaving and Handknitting.
I Spin, my spinning wheel is oiled and ready for some work, some raw fleece and some textural coloured batts awaits.

I Weave, my Saori loom is dressed and ready to weave, I am taking photos of the process and look forward to showing you in more detail of my current project in my blog posts over the next few weeks.

I Knit, all my knitted work is hand knitted, some of my knitting needles are vintage as they belonged to  my Grandmother.  I  love to use them, they feel more special and remain just as functional- made to last in those days. I have been keeping the needles clicking over the Christmas break so have things to talk about and show you on knitting too.  

Here is some wool I recently brought to the front of my stock shelves!
 Over the festive period I rearranged my workroom as it was needed as guest room for family to stay. This means I have to have a big tidy up! things I had forgotten about,  put in boxes or stacked in coloured piles of woolly loveliness all have to be sorted through. It is a really good exercise and gives me a fresh look at my wool stock and a new rush of excitement and inspiration takes over, plus my workroom gets a good spring clean to start the year. 

Of course Skipper and I will also be Casting Off  on new sailing adventures too!
More about all of the above to come.
 Just to let you know I will be restocking my online shops soon so do please  pop over to view (click on my links in the right hand column)  hope you enjoy.

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  1. I love your spinning wheel, it looks so pretty as well as functional, looking forward to seeing your 'makes' :)