Monday, 4 January 2010


Welcome to Sue Wright Handknits. I design and create my knitted and woven work on the Isle Of Wight, where the inspiration for many of my designs is taken from island life and the sea.

I enjoy motif knitting creating my own nautical symbols, and I love to use combinations of colour to produce unique hand knitted or hand loomed garments and accessories including waistcoats and sweaters, along with cushions, bags, hats, scarves and socks.


  1. Good luck with the blogging!!!

  2. Hi, I've added myself to your followers, I'm not a knitter but I spin and weave,
    pam x

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  4. Hi, I've just followed your blog too. Nice to meet another Isle of Wight crafter, I grew up there so am looking forward to seeing some of your Island inspired creations!
    Eve :)

  5. Thank you everyone, and welcome aboard!