Thursday, 6 May 2010

Jacob Fleece Part Three

Spinning A Yarn.

Spinning the Jacob fleece on my Ashford Tradition Spinning Wheel
On the bobbin I attach a long thread of spare yarn which is called a "Leader" (when I start to spin, this will pull and wind my new yarn on the bobbin).

I turn the wheel in a clockwise direction, keeping a steady rhythm on the Treadle (foot pedal ). Taking a small amount of prepared "rolag" (see earlier post on these) I spin by carefully drawing the staples with my right hand and pinching the yarn with my left thumb and index finger. Allowing the yarn to wind onto the bobbin in a easy flowing manner.

If you look closely hopefully you can see the triangle of fleece being drawn gently with my right hand and the spun yarn feeding from my left thumb and finger onto the bobbin.

To load the bobbin evenly, I move the yarn along the hooks on the Flyer.

When I have filled two bobbins with yarn it is ready to Ply.


  1. I have never tried spinning but I can imagine that it's relaxing once you get into the rhythm

  2. Do have a go if you get chance,easy skill to learn.It's relaxing,absorbing,and the thrill of creating my own yarn to knit/weave never fades!