Monday, 11 April 2011

Preparing For Sailing

What a lovely sunny April Weekend.

It was Skipper's Birthday and our Wedding Anniversary so we had a houseful of family over and spent a wonderful time celebrating in the island sunshine.

Last week preparations now, plenty of jobs to do to get our little yacht ready for her "Lift in day" next weekend. A major concern is the outboard engine which is in the repair shop having a new part fitted.

I hope the good weather holds! I hope for a light southerly breeze in warm sunshine as then we can shake out the genoa and sail our way down to our swing mooring.

Looking up in my logbook the last couple of year's it has been a strong cold northerly blowing and Skipper and son have donned their woolly hats and coats to motor her down to the mooring, while I have stood at the river edge taking photos and met them afterwards in the Folly Inn for a warming hot lunch!

Rigging her out again and putting the mainsail back on the boom. In the calm conditions we were able to raise the sail to check for smooth running, giving me an interesting photo opportunity.

Firstly because I'm usually on board so I only get to see the sails from that perspective and secondly seeing the hull and twin keels while the sail is up gives a great view of all her lines.

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