Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sailing In The Sunshine

It was perfect weather over the Easter holidays to be back sailing our little flotilla of boats.
First we rigged up our Mirror dinghy and had a leisurely sail around the River Medina with a light Easterly breeze blowing. A hot sunny day developed and we sailed her over to our yacht and went aboard to have a coffee and sunbathe.

Another day we went out with our little Pup dinghy "Peewit". She is a Tender to our yacht as well as ideal for solo sailing just for fun.

We motored down the river to East Cowes Marina in our yacht and as the wind was a Northerly we raised the jib and were able to sail back up river.

The Marina was lively with visiting craft, the river sparkled, the Sun warmed us against the Northerly breeze; it is just wonderful to be back on board.

Peewit to the Rescue!

Peewit and Skipper had a little adventure on Monday-
Having just arrived on board our yacht, we were off loading our gear from Peewit when Skipper noticed a small dinghy had broken free from her mooring and was drifting swiftly up the river.

Not a good sight to see as it is always a worry that someone may have fallen out of it, we knew this wasn't the case in this instance.

However loose boats can do damage to other craft as they hit and scrape by.

So manning the oars he and Peewit rowed out to the rescue and drawing alongside Skipper grabbed the escaping dinghy's painter and towed her to the safety of a pontoon mooring nearby
where with help of a fellow boatman they made it secure.

Then off down river they rowed wind and tide against them to a little day boat where the occupancies on board were unaware that their little dinghy had decided to go on a solo voyage!

Peewit collected the owner and Skipper rowed them to the pontoon to retrieve their lost boat.
I'm sure he will be using a few more knots when tying on from now on!

Skipper has earned himself a beer with all that rowing.

And Peewit just loves being on the water, rowing, sailing and being helpful.

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