Sunday, 15 May 2011

On The Wheel

I'm really looking forward to this seasons new fleeces from this Springs shearing

In the meantime I'm just about to start work on carding and spinning up a small dark fleece, the last one I have in stock.

It has been lightly scoured just to remove the dirt, leaving some grease in for ease of spinning.

I shall spin a yarn for hand knitting and see how many skeins I can make from it.

My original idea was to use this fleece to spin with another to produce a mixed yarn because it is on the small size and with it being of these lovely soft, black ,grey and brown hues it lends itself well to blending to give me a naturally coloured yarn.

But I have decided to get this fleece processed before I take delivery of any new fleeces to give me storage space.

ALSO I love seeing a basketful of hand spun yarn just already for me to dive in and Cast On!

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