Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Simple Cheerful Weaving

 Back in January I blogged about wanting to weave some cloth with a nautical or seaside theme using wide stripes of colour. A basket full of oddments of coloured yarn left over from recent stock making items was catching my eye every time I entered my work room, all the colours just looked so lovely and enticing, muddled up and cheerful!
 So rather sorting them and placing them back up on the shelves where I store my yarn in orderly colour sections I set up my loom and got creating.  
With no particular plan I threaded the Warp, it was a matter of just grabbing a colour from the basket just like a "lucky dip"as I knew all the colours sat well with one another anyway so it was real freedom and pleasure to enjoy the creative process and relax and watch the cloth spring to life. 
 I selected two very pale soft cotton yarn in a cream and green to load on the shuttle for the Weft as I wanted the stripes to become the main pattern of the fabric.
There was just enough cloth woven to be able to make this little scatter cushion. A "stash busting" using oddments cheerful cloth that reminds me of deck chairs on the beach and seaside holidays! 
I thoroughly enjoyed "going with the flow" and just weaving on my loom, pure and simple is often the best. 


  1. Oh, this is great! Not only have you simply explained warp and weft (something that I've always wondered about!), but you've also created art from odds and ends, and art that looks wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. That is SO clever! A really interesting read!