Thursday, 12 April 2012

All About Boats

It has been a busy time over the bank holiday weekend, with plenty to do to prepare all the boats for our sailing season.
Peewit our little dinghy looks beautiful again with her varnish job finished, she was loaded on the trailer and taken down to her little plot in the dinghy park.

Our Mirror dinghy caused a bit of extra work! While Skipper was getting her ready for her turn on the trailer he noticed some rotten wood, at least the area of concern was well above the waterline (port transom). So she had to be worked on, patched up and painted before she was ready for sailing and taken down to the river too.

Photos above show our Sunstar 18 having her coat of anti foul paint on her hull and some maintenance work done on her rudder. She will be lifted back onto the river in just over a week's time.

All our little boats are waiting for the tide, sunny days and adventures!

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