Thursday, 19 July 2012

Casting A Line

  It was so good to shake out the sails and have a happy little sail up and down the river Medina in our little yacht. The breeze started as a North Westerly, then veered around to a South Westerly so ideal for both directions. We even made over 4knots of speed at windy corner!
 Back on our mooring after a picnic lunch I decided to get the fishing rod out and cast a line. I love fishing at anchor or on a mooring, it is so absorbing. I find it very relaxing, my mind can day dream and take in the nature around me, watching the river, wildlife, the colours on the water and sky and yet as I fish it keeps me in the "now", ever watching and feeling for that slight pull on the line, bubbling excitement mixed with quiet anticipation of a silvery prize.
When we are sailing in the Solent we often tow a line off the stern of the boat and sometimes we are rewarded with a couple of mackerel or whiting. A fresh fish supper after a day's sailing is so very special when it's your own catch.

This time all I caught were a few Mud Crabs on account of not having any proper bait with me (a fisherman/woman always has to have an excuse you know).
This fella was the biggest and very lively, so I was only brave enough to land him in the bucket!
After he posed for his photo he was returned to the river. 

Skipper was off sailing Peewit- she looked so pleased bobbing along oars stowed and little blue sail catching the wind. Peewit is our Self Build PBO Pup dinghy and we use her as a Tender for our yacht. She is rigged to sail, I made her a sail out of some old sail cloth and she enjoys a bit of a breeze to get her moving. 
Tales of "the one that got away" to tell Skipper and prove of a "lively catch" on camera to show upon his return over a cup of tea and cake.

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