Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wash, Card, Spin Alfresco!

 It's a great time of the year to get out in the garden and work on this season's fleeces. I have three large and one little yearling Jacob fleece to spin. So I started on smaller fleece, it's fibres are fairly short, however it is lovely and soft being the first shearing. It will be interesting to see how much yarn I can make from it.

 First job; to wash lightly just to remove the dirt as I want to spin this "in the grease". As I get my fleeces from a farm where the owner of the flock is a spinner herself, the fleeces are always in good order and nicely "prepared on the sheeps back" so to speak and carefully sheared.

 Second job; when thoroughly dried in the sunshine I'm ready to card the fibres.

 I tease the wool to clear any small bits or lumps and then I use my hand carders to comb the fibres so as they are light, fluffy and uniform.

 My airy rolags are now ready to start spinning into yarn.

I decide to spin the darker wool first. After filling two bobbins, I ply the singles together to make my yarn. It is very relaxing spinning in the garden listening to the bird song and enjoying the sunshine.  I usually do all my carding outside as it always makes a bit of a mess with bits of fibre, fluff  etc. (in the colder months I will light my little chiminea to keep my hands warm as I work).
 Summer spinning alfresco is a joy and I hope to work on my fleeces this way more often!

A few days later; The finished yarn worked in the garden that sunny day. Having been skeined, washed and allowed to dry in the fresh air.


  1. What an interesting post - it's lovely to see the process you go through. I can see why it's good to work outside - let's hope we get more sunshine soon :) Shaz

  2. what fun spinning out in the garden :) Your Jacob fleece looks lovely.