Monday, 25 February 2013

New Drum Carder and Old Spinning Chair

Two rather exciting new pieces of kit to show you! Firstly I have decided to invest in a brand new Drum Carder. I have been considering purchasing one for a long time and finally took the plunge and bought an Ashford carder which I'm thrilled with. It will speed up my fleece preparation as I have been using hand carders for this task up til now and  I often found I needed to "card" little and often to keep up with my spinning,  I will now be able to prepare plenty of rolags in advance  to keep my wheel turning.
I also want to experiment with yarn blending and colour blending so my new drum carder will be put to good use.
I have attached my drum carder to a small table so as it is always ready to use and can be easily handled while sitting at my chair.

The second item to show you is my sweet spinning chair. I went to an antique and collectors fair at the weekend and spotted this lovely chair. Made of  solid wood with three chunky legs and a simple styled back rest. I have been looking for one for ages so am thrilled to find such a good one. I really liked it's simplicity. It is practical, functional and looks good and best of all it is extremely comfortable to sit on and spin a yarn.

I will make a smaller cushion for it when I get time, something handspun and handwoven will look nice.


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  2. That is one beautiful drum carder ~ congrats and happy spinning!!